1984 KDX200-B1 - Seat help/advice needed...

Mar 13, 2003
Hi all,

Just wondering if any one has any tips for a replacement seat or cover for my '84 200 black seat.

Ideally, it'd be great to find an original, but it'd be even greater if there was an aftermarket seat available, with safety seat extension at front.

I've seen this done on an '83 200 (pic on the net). He seems to have an aftermarket cover from a different bike, but with additional padding to the front of the seat.

I've also seen a gripper cover for an 83-85 model kdx250 on ebay. Don't know if this would be an alternative too.

Are kdx250 seats the same size as the kdx200? They do have slightly different parts numbers, but couldn't see how they'd be different. Particularly the 84 model, which only had the "KDX" lettering on the sides.

Any help or advice, please... post away! I'm all ears.

Thanks in advance.

Rob C...