1986 Husky Questions

Jun 19, 2007
I found a 1986 Huskaqvarna 250 2t for sale. it needs a carb and exhaust.

Did the company make a good bike that year?

I am an experienced rider, does it have the power i want?

Are parts hard to find, i believe they are expensive?
Feb 27, 2007
Husky 250

I had one for many years and it was very reliable except for
the kickstart mechanism. The shaft, gear and needle bearing
seem to break now and then. Parts can still be found.It's
not hard to fix,but it can ruin your riding for the day. The
carb is just a flatslide Mikuni 38mm.I think I had a 410 main
jet in it. That would give you a starting point if you get a
carb from another bike.
As far as riding,it's not as fast as a newer 250.It's got almost
no low end,but will pull down low on trails,just not hard. The
midrange is good and the top is O.K..The forks are O.K. at the best. The shock is great. The bike is very stable. Don't
expect to cut under anyone in the turns,though. My buddy
has my old bike and still rides it in the dez every winter. Ron
Bishop in Escondido, Ca. is the man for old Husky's.He still
has a bunch of parts.He can be a little grumpy if he's busy.
His phone#760-747-1360.Good luck.