1987 CR500 Right Crank Case Cover Question


Apr 4, 2004
I have a 1987 CR500 (and yes it is an 87: Radiator, disk rear brake, gold rims, VIN, etc.). However, it only has a one piece Right Crank Case Cover. Whey I look at the parts diagram for this bike, it shows that it is supposed to be a two piece cover with a separate clutch cover. Now here are my questions:

What the hell is going on? Just kidding.
Anybody every heard of this? The cover fits perfectly and there are no leaks. It is just a one piece cover. I have to change it because it has a crack but am not sure if I should order what I have or the two piece. I called Service Honda and a local dealer who could not help me other than telling me that "it shows" it should be a two piece.




Jan 30, 2000
I think earlier years had a one piece cover. The parts diagram may show later years which would fit your 87.

Put a 2 piece on it and be done with it or repair the crack with JB weld or something similar.


Jan 8, 2004
Yeah I would try to get it repaired cause they are expensive. If you are to buy one take your old one to the shop and compare it to a 2 piece to make sure they will match. Problem is they won't have one and you will have to order it so there goes my theory. One piecers are not that bad ( I have one on my 86 cr250) It does make clutch work easier with a 2 but it still only takes 10 mins to get the whole cover off.
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