1991 Cr 250 ?'s Please HELP!!!!

Apr 13, 2006
Hey Guys i gotta few ?'s to ask yall bout my 91 cr250 first off what would be the best pre mix ratio for it. Im real tired of filing plugs. Ok next what years are the same for this bike i need a kick start for it and dont know what years or model kick start will fit on it. And finally how hard is it to change a clutch on a bike ive never done it but this ones in need for one real bad..... well any input is good so send some info my way thanks guys
Mar 19, 2007
I used to have a 91 CR250. I always ran 32:1 premix. Sounds like you need to work on the jetting. If it's jetted right, a plug should last a long time. If you don't know how search "jetting" on here, there are links to some really good articles. Don't know for sure about kickstarter, '88-'91 should be the same, and probably other years too. Get a service manual. Costs 20 or 30 bucks and will definitely pay for itself in reduced aggravation and broken parts. It will tell you how to change the clutch plates. (It's not too hard)
Apr 13, 2006

Ok thanks Atruckee now does anyone else have suggestions on my last questions and also does anyone have any tips on how i could make this mainly stock old bike really rip....although it already does it just seems kinda ****ty well send me some more info.....

Feb 7, 2007
I have ridden that bike for over 2 years.
Great bike!

I've ever used premix ratio 40:1 with MOTUL 600 and i've found the piston and crank in perfect conditions.

If you foul plugs probably you have to work on jetting.
Before re-jetting the bike I suggest to check the reed valve to be sure that reeds are not worn and close perfectly and to check also the silencer wool and eventually repack it.
As refer, the standard jetting of that bike is :
1368N 2nd groove
Air screw 1 turn and half

The 1991 model is about the same of 1990 and was completely redesigned in 1992.
Older models are different, but 88-89 bikes may have the same kick start lever.

If you need to replace clutch plates (and springs) you can do the work without any special tools, is a very simple job.
Remember to soak plates in new tranny oil before install them.
If you need to replace clutch basket you need a special key to hold the basket.
The central nut should be tightened at the correct value using a torque wrench, in order to avoid damages to the clutch needle bearing.

A tip:
In order to have a more responsive throttle keep the carb bowl level at 20-22 mm. instead of 16 mm.(stock).
Apr 13, 2006

thanks again guys great tips i did alot of work on the bike today but it wouldnt coast start it kept turning over but just would not fire man do i wish i had a kick start lol that would be real nice anyone who got one tell ME PLEASE O PLEASE O PLEASE!!!!!!! Help me out please guys

Oct 19, 2006
Hard to check for spark, huh? Well, do the basics. A new spark plug, clean the carb, etc... Also, make sure the throttle is closing all of the way. I have found it very difficult to start 2-strokes if the throttle is stuck open for some reason. Snap the throttle shut and listen to the carb, you should hear the slide bottom out.
Apr 13, 2006

its sparking i checked before i tried starting it it just wouldnt start good point with the throttle ill check that thanks
Aug 3, 2006
I am riding the same bike and I run 36:1 of golden spectrum and it runs great! I got the bike jetted for to much high end 185/65...and stock is 175/55 so now ive got my low end back!!..i agree with the others that lots of diffrent years of kickers would work!...i changed baskets from stock to a hinson after i had my dad center punch the kick start gear puit at work it was all smooth sailing!..i have FMF GNarly with a turbine core S/A...clarke 3.1..i mite go witha stator/light..and fly wheel this sumer to make it a real trail weapon but its works great for what i do now so im happy with it!!!