Aug 5, 2007
What are these bike like.tell me the good things and the bad things.im lookin at buying one and would like to know what there like.


Oct 21, 2002
great bikes, strong simple engines that go very well. handling is ok but nothing special. i have owned 2 early 90's yz250's and i reckon they are good all round bikes.
the biggest issue is the general age and condition of bikes that are this old, unless you can find a mint example they can be expensive to fix. for example the 92 has a plated bore which can often be worn out and need resleeving or replacement. also aftermarket parts can be a bit thin on the ground for a 92' model. this cost of parts is one of the biggest problems ive found when doing up old bikes as the parts cost more than a late model bikes parts cost. sometimes its better to save up your cash and buy something newer. but if you can find a good one then go for it!
my 2 cents.
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