Aug 25, 2003
Hey guys I havent been posting much but I got this 96 yz in june it has the long rod kit,pc pipe and silencer,rad valve,twin air filter and numerous other mods. My question is should i put my money into renewing this bike this winter? Or should i wait til summer and sell it and get something newer. I'm 17 ive been riding for 3 yrs now this summer was the first ive hit the mx tracks. Next summer will be my first racing season I will be in 250 c should i keep this bike or what guys? If i keep it does anybody have any secrets for what i should do to it? thanks a lot


Dec 25, 1999
It's just that time of season. It's hard to sell a bike in the off-season. Trust me I know, Cuz I can't get any phone calls on my 00 CR125 that's for sale. If you wait 'til spring, chances are, you will get calls on it and definitely find a buyer once the season starts back up again. The problem is with most motocross bikes, after a few years of racing, they constantly need rebuilding. Even a brand new bike, if you get 3 or 4 years of racing out of it, then you've done good, and it's seen it's glory days. It's kinda of a matter of opinion, a new bike won't make you faster, but it will boost your confidence and may relieve you of many headaches. It's a tough call, but to me, any MX bike older than 2000, is old. But lots of bikes have many good years left in them, and you should stick within your budget, and just have fun. Good Luck!


Nov 17, 2001
Then again, if you have to give your YZ away, what have you accomplished? I have bought my fare share of motorcycles over the years. The purchase always worked better when I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to improve upon.
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