Feb 9, 2001
Picking up this bike with 6hrs on it for $2900.00 Need pros and cons ASAP.Please tell me if I made a good or bad choice. Coming off a 2000DRZ400S and want to get more serious and need a lighter bike. I want to mx it and trail ride. How is the suspension? Is it to high strung for single track New England tight woods? Picking up tommorow which dosen'tleave me much time for research.Already rode it and was quite impressed but only for about 15 minutes. Please respond thanks... Ken
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Jul 5, 2000
I can't speak for the '98 suspension, but otherwise it's a great bike and compared to your DRZ-S it will soak up anything better. I sold my DRZ400E for a 2000 200EXC. It's MUCH lighter and snappy. I can throw it around easy, whereas the DRZ, it beat me up regularly. The 200 has great power for about anywhere and you can lug it for woods. You can lug it around even more when you get the jetting sorted, and you'll be good putting all day (except your behind; it's got a really hard seat). But, it really does like to go fast too, but no worries, you'll get faster too.

Buy it.:cool:


Sep 4, 2001
It is not a bike for the people who just want to sit ride a lot and just mesds around. It has a lot of power and you should have no problem handling it if you are coming off a 400.
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