Aug 29, 2010
here is the deal yesterday i could dump my clutch in second gear and stand the bike strait up in the air with no effort wat so ever then i was wheelied in 3rd without dumping the clutch just reving up to higher rpmz and pulling up well i went over some moguls and they spit me off to the right right at a bunch of trees i mannaged to squeek by without hiting them but it seemd like my bike was reving out of control or maybe i was just freaking out but anyway i pulled the clutch set it downj safely but ever since the dam thing has lost all its power it start on the first kick goes through all its gears fine still has some power but not what it had yesterday i am mechanical but not a mechanic i would rather take it to a shop and have them check it out but play money went to the kids new yz 80 and some new gear and im supposed to go up north rriding this weekend please help oh yeah by the way ever since i started useing yamalube im blowing oil out just before the silencer and some leakage where the exaust meet the block ..?????

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