2 head gasket on 05 cr 250 for enduro x???


Feb 25, 2005
in particular what's wrong with the 05 motor? I thought they put out mega power in the mid to top. did the mo-better porting pick up the bottom power, or improve everything?


May 19, 2005
whoops missed ur post sry, my 05 had a dead spot between bottom and mid. it would just hang up and not rev out clean. after fighting with several diff needles, even tried JD kit (waste of 75$) i finally sent my cylinder to eric during a top end job. while it was apart i put stock needle back in. waaaala new porting fixed problem and elemintated low speed plug speed fouling, along with midrange ping. motor made very good mid and up power before port job, but after was much smoother, and power came on quicker, reved bottom to top cleanly with no dead spots.

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