Oct 7, 2003
I bought a 2003 Suzuki JR50 for my 4 year old son, he just turned 5 and he is wanting more out of this little bike. I'm not sure if this is true or not, but I hear this bike has a "hidden gear" to make this bike a 2 speed? I found a diagram at: http://www.dirtrider.net/teamdrn/data//500/18322jr_50_gearbox_mod-med.jpg that shows how to grind out a piece to allow the shaft to move up and down. I read somewhere that this motor was put in a scooter not sold in the U.S.A. and it had a 2 speed transmission. The motor has not been changed, except that the shifter was limited to one gear on the JR50. So if this is true the bike should have a second gear hidden away. I was just wondering if you might have heard about this rumor?



Oct 5, 2001
the mod is to engage the first gear. it is better for climbing small hills and top speed is more suitable for a beginer. little zook just turned 4 and he just started riding the last couple of weeks, he only rides in the first gear at this point. be warned that the first gear will jump out of cog and end up in neutral at any slight touch of the shifter. overall it is an easy mod. also be carfull of not damaging the kick starter return spring etc. i had mine together and after one kick i broke the side case when the starter bottomed out.
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