2000 RM 250 / Newbie question...


Aug 17, 2001
Hey Gang,

I guess Ill do the intro as im a total dirt newbie. I am Chris, from Boston (ma) and I have been street riding since I was legal (im 24 now). I am just looking to start getting dirty but I am clueless as Mr. Bigglesworth when it comes time to leave the pavement.

So, I stroll up to the dealer and they basically tell me i need a leftover 2000 RM250 that they have. They are doing it for $4600, and I mean hell what do i know? sure! So anyways, I just wanted to come here and see
a. If there are any known issues as to why they would even HAVE a 2000 RM still around and
b. If this is a good bike that a 6' 280lb geek like me should get?

I was always taught bigger is better yada yada and originally went for an XR650, but the weight was almost obnoxious feeling (just throwing it around in the showroom) and Im sure im going to be picking this thing up alot :D so I figured on something lighter?

But is the 250 enough to roost my refrigerator sized frame around and still be fun? or will it be like a yzinger trying to tow around an elephant? and what is the quality of the RM's? Im really wonderin why the heck they have a 2000 still left?

I have always ridden red, so I don't know a real lot about the others, except that the 02 CR's he is getting are like 6k , and im all set with that :)

Any help info comments beratement whatever ;) feel free to lay it down here, cause im listening :)

Thanks gang!!

Shin ichi

Feb 27, 2001
hmmm. at your age if you have only ridden street, then you have never been on a two stroke.right? Your comfortable size will surely help to tame the hit of the motor, but....think of the two-stroke powerband(especially an RM) as;
if your girlfriends temper were a motor, it would be two-stroke. nothing at first and then violent and loud! like the last time she caught you ogleing the hottie in the mini, BAM .:p

hope this helps.

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