Oct 22, 2006
Hi. I have a 2000 RM125 that will not stay in 3rd gear. It pops back into 2nd at the worst times. The rest of the gears work fine and I'm positive it is in gear as it will go pretty far before it pops down into 2nd (usually right before some jump :yikes: or something) I also know it is not my foot tapping it down accidently as it's done it for others and also with my foot off the peg. Is that a shifter problem or do you think 3rd gear/tranny needs to be redone? I hate to split the cases if its just a shifting mechanism part that needs replacing.

earl pittz

Mar 9, 2007
gear slippage

Sounds like you have a worn out fork end or shift drum slot. Unfortunately that means splitting the crankcase as you know. :bang:

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