Apr 25, 2007
Im looking to get some lights on my 01 cr250. I have only found one aftermarket stator, made by Moose, that says it is made for lightning. Has anyone else done this? does anyone know of a good brand/website were i can find on? thanks. Also, im looking at the lights with the small dual lights underneath the front were u would put a number if you raced. i found it in one of my Dennis Kirk cataloges.


Mar 24, 2006
the moose one is a ricky stator i think or an electrolux i dont remember. it all depends on how much $$ you have to spend. most of the replacement stators w/ lighting are pretty much all the same. 45-60 watts tops @ WOT you can go the route i did and wait a long azz time for an eline external (with 200 watts) to pop up on DBay i got mine for 100$ used in good shape. ive used both the replacement and external coils and let me tell you the eline makes the replacements look like candles.

im running a baja designs 55w/55w headlight. the eline lights both 55watt filiments up together. night shattering , and i still have 90 watts to spare for a toaster or trailside microwave borrito :laugh:
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