Feb 20, 2006
Hey guys, just bought a 2001 RM125, gotta get the Bill's Pipe off and put on something that's U.S. Forest Approved and that meets the sound restriction around here of 96 db. I've heard good things about the Pro Circuit Type 296 silencer but I'm looking to hear more from experience rather than reviews. Any suggestions to make my bike legal in the forest? Also, I'm looking to change the gearing for more low-end. I currently am using 14 in the front and 51 in the back, help buying new sprockets would be appreciated as well. Thanks in advance.


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Apr 9, 2002
I don't have any experience with a Forest approved sparky but for gearing the stock gearing for that bike is 12/49 so yours is way off stock. 12/49 will give you a ratio of 4.083 while the 14/51 you are running is 3.643. The higher the ratio the more low end and torgue, less top speed. I'd try stock or even shorter by a few teeth on the rear. In fact since you already have a 51 on thee grab a cheap 12 tooth front sprocket and try 12/51 before you buy the new rear, if that's too low then go back to 50 or the stock 12/49.
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