2001 WR426F

May 3, 2020
Hey guys,

I recently purchased a used 2001 WR426F Dual Sport, and have had trouble starting/idling/running it.
So off the bat I took the carb off and gave it a good clean and replaced the jets. I also checked to make sure timing was set correctly, also checked valve clearances.. both the exhaust were perfect, intake were on the tighter side. I went through a bunch of forums too see what size jets people used and I went with
CLIP POSITION #3 from top
(also mixture screw is at 3 turns out which is much more than it should be)
So heres what i’ve experienced, I can start the bike occasionally without choke but once started it will die within a few seconds unless revved to keep RPMs high, if right after i start without choke (because for some reason it wont start with choke) i pull the choke out the bike will idle perfectly and throttle response is as it should be with no bog or hanging idle. When I start it with the hot start it starts nearly every kick, but dies automatically after it starts, unless i once again rev to keep RPMs high and push in hot start followed by pulling choke out, and it’ll run mint again.
I’m super stumped here.. if anyone could throw their 2 cents in and help me out that’d be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance
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Pete Payne

MX-Tech Suspension Agent
Nov 3, 2000
Those carb and bikes can be tricky to get right if a couple things are out of spec.
SO looks like you where doing good . set the valve clearances right … but then do a leak down check to make sure that pesky center intake is sealing good ( along with the other 4 valves ) and rings are good . .
Timed up good.
the stock jetting from what I can remember was not to far off. Ill look back in my notes and see what I have. Also make sure the accelerator pump and linkage are working properly.
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