Sep 16, 2007
Hey guys

I want to completely rebuild my bike this winter for racing next summer(01 yz125). I have renthal fatty bars, tripple clamp, racing sprockets, new clutch, asv levers and vforce 3 kit. Now, i want to keep all that. What else would you put on this bike (besides a stroker/big bore)? I want to get all that power i can in the 125 2 stock class. I was thinking a FMF sst and FMF powercore2. I would like to see an option on new piston and rings. All ideas are more than welcome.
Thanks for all the help guys.

do they make racing spark plugs?
also what gas to fuel ratio,type of oil and trans fluid do you recomend?


May 28, 2006
id go with a pro circuit exhaust with stock silencer for good bottom end power.dual stage boyesen reeds increase performance all around on the powerband and get it jetted spot on.change the gearing 1 or 2 teeth bigger on the rear sprocket. that should be good.
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