May 22, 2019
Hi everyone I'm new here. My dirtbike I just got out the shop like 3 months ago it ran fine. Went riding a few times ran perfect. I recently crashed doing wheelies bike got out from under me laid it down. Bent up my exhaust pretty bad put anthor one on there. Due to my knee being hurt it has sat in in my garage but I did go out and start it every now AMD then and let it run. Also rose it up and down my street. Had no problems.
Now it wont stay started unless my hot start is on this is why I took it in the shop the first time my mechanic new carb set and fixed it but I'm back to that same problem can anyone help me out here

Rich Rohrich

Moderator / BioHazard
Jul 27, 1999
If you need the hot start to be on to keep it running it points to the engine is running too rich. The hot start just leaks air into the intake leaning it out. The FCR carb on your bike is sensitive to float level adjustment. If the float is set to high excess fuel can run into the engine causing it to run too rich. Grab your service manual and take a look at the basic troubleshooting steps related to float level.
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