Scott in KC

Aug 28, 2000
Hopefully they put a descent carb on it.....LIKE EVERY OTHER FOUR STROKE. Dellorto's suck pure & simple, nightmare to keep tuned and they crap all over themselves if you change 20' in elevation, 2% in humidity or 2 degrees in temp. They could alleviate probably 50% of the customer complaints & problems with this bike by dumping that junk carb and using an FCR pumper like every other 50+ hp stroker. And maybe, just MAYBE one would resell for HALF of what was paid for it. These bikes are a no brainer on the used market, total bargains compared to any other ride. I personally would never buy one brand new....but then again I don't buy anything brand new!:)


Jul 23, 2000
Actually, getting used to a left sided kick is not that hard. After about 25 right sided kickstarter bikes I got the Husaberg. It took about a month to get used to this. Now it's as easy for me to start a left sided bike as a right sided bike.

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