Jul 10, 2018
I am new to working on dirt bikes. I bought an 02 Kawasaki KX 125 and I rebuilt it has a brand new top-end and runs first kick when I have the choke on. But it has trouble starting without the choke on and once I turn the choke off it bogs. I can keep it running by revving the throttle but it seems to bog out and die after a short amount of time if I don't keep the idle up. The air screw is unscrewed two and a half turns and the needle clip is on the third one down from the top. I just ordered a carb rebuild kit with new Jets and needle but I haven't installed it yet. I am wondering if anyone here can assist me in trying to figure out what might be the problem. I have to keep the idle pretty high with a throttle in order to put it in gear and go. I remind you that I'm new to working on dirt bikes so I'm open to suggestions thank you.
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