Jul 25, 2001
Hey, i was just wonderin where the 125e/xc went for 2002? ITs a very hot bike here in New England and cannot for the life of me figure out y they dropped it. Any ideas?


Mar 2, 2000
A good friend owns a ktm dealership and the word from him is that due to the slow sales of the 125 exc that that is why they are discontinued .And he also stated that they will be able to produce more 200 exc's since it is the best saler they have


Feb 25, 2000
The 125 EXC is alive and kicking!!!

They may not be importing it to the US, but it is still being done, with good sales, in Europe. If you are interested enough, get KTM USA to bring you one.

And in fact the world-wide top seller for KTM is the 250 exc, although in the US the 300 and 200 sell better.


Mar 7, 2001
No worries, just make your own EXC from an SX. It is my understanding that the 2001 EXC125 had an SX motor with a lighting coil stuffed into an EXC chassis. The 2002 SX models come with all the goods and the 2002 EXC get the leftover parts anyway. If you start with an SX you can make the bike you want, although at some cost to you (tha's how the Jap bikes are done). That SX125 has a strong enough motor (BIG power) that I could almost be persuaded to go KTM. As a 175lb A/AA enduro rider, I've found that stock 125mx suspension works about right for me and putting michelin bib mousses in the tires works very well with the stock mx ignitions on 125s.


Jul 2, 2000
Last week I rode a 02 125sx on a harescramble loop and it worked very well. With a revalve and a flywheel weight, it would work fantastic in the woods. It wasn't far off in stock form. Slap on a 3 gallon tank, handguards, FW weight and do a revalve and you have a sweet ride.

KTM #313

Feb 26, 2001
i believe it also has a pumper carb ?
to get more fuel at wide open on the sx ?
and the rear tire is 18 inch on exc 19 inch on sx
and we all know about the wide ratio tranny
the porting is also a little different on the 01 machines on sx and exc
stiffer suspension on sx
tank size
ignition is different power curve
and lighting coil

i did a lot of reserch before i bought my 01 exc almost went sx and converted
some races here in new england have seperate classes for enduro converted bikes. they cannot be ridden in the enduro class (enduro class bike for some orgs must be manufactured that way from the factory to be legal)
older rmx and crx machines from the factory are legal
ex and mxc ktm machines are legal but not converted sx machines

both bike rock in my book
i race mx with my exc i like the little smoother power delivery
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