2003 Black Coal harescramble


Every year, the final round of the nation harescramble series is run in Lynnville, IN. Since this is in district-15, I decided to check it out and see if it's a D-15 points payer. According to the website (www.blackcoal.org), they say it is. Cool I think.....perfect way to add a few points to my total.

I get down there...sure enough..they are checking AMA and District cards. I think I even saw someone taking D-15 applications at one of the tables.

I manage to grunt out a 10 place finish in the Senior B class. Cool I think again.....11 points to add to my total. Then, D-15 finally gets around to publishing the final points totals, and I seem to be a little short. I e-mail the harescrambes pointskeeper and he informs me that the Blackcoal harescramble is not D-15 sanctioned and this I don't get any points!