Jan 12, 2017
Can my clutch be slipping and the problem not be in the clutch. My clutch was working fine until I rebuilt my motor. After rebuilding the motor it worked fine for about 1 mile. After that when I try to wind the motor out the clutch will start slipping in and out. I have replaced the friction plates, steel plates and springs. Still have the same issue. I had one washer left over when I rebuilt motor, I could not find where it went. The washer don't go to the clutch assembly, it's assembled exactly like the manual shows. The gear on the back of the clutch basket lines up really good with the crank gear and the transmission gear. I thought maybe it might be a transmission problem (maybe slipping in and out of gear). I don't hear any gears grinding just feels like it's all in the clutch. I marked the basket and the pressure plate and left the clutch cable off. I push started it and let the clutch slip and shut the motor off and when I opened the clutch cover, I can see where the marks are not lined up anymore, so I know the clutch is slipping. I just think the problem might be somewhere other than the clutch since the clutch was working fine before I rebuilt the motor and lost track of one of the washers. I have the thick washer behind the clutch basket and a thiner washer behind the clutch boss. I'm running Rotella 15-40

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