2003 yz450f carb assembly - sticking wide open


Mar 23, 2007
I was trying to help a friend with the carb on his 2003 yz450 and ran into a bit of trouble. I'll get right to the point...I'm trying to put it back together and it seems that i have it assembled correctly, but when you twist the throttle to wide open, the pulley in the carb that the push and pull cables attach to is getting stuck on a small piece that appears to be part of the accelerator pump. So once you twist it to wide up, the pulley gets hung up. It's getting hung up on the side closest to the inside of the carb, not the outside cover. Once it hangs up, the throttle will not close. I can push the pin that it's hanging up on down and the throttle springs back. I know this may sound like a vague description, but I'm fairly certain that I have the pulley wound to the correct position. I cannot figure out for the life of me why this thing is hanging up. There is a stopper screw that stops the pulley at full throttle from twisting any more, and that is screwed all the way in. It's hanging up just prior to hitting that throttle stop. Can anyone point me to an online manual for assembly or has this happened to anyone else? Thank you in advance.

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