Nov 25, 1999
6 Stake Lake Ice Racing - Test & Tune - Stake Lake, Kamloops, BC (GKMA)
13 Stake Lake Ice Racing - Stake Lake, Kamloops, BC (GKMA)
20 Stake Lake Ice Racing - Stake Lake, Kamloops, BC (GKMA)
24-27 Vancouver Motorcycle Show - Abbotsford, BC
26 2007 Off-Road Series Awards Night & Social - Kamloops, BC (PNWMA)
26-27 Western Championship Ice Racing Double Header - Stake Lake, Kamloops,BC (GKMA)

3 Stake Lake Ice Racing - Stake Lake, Kamloops, BC (GKMA)
3 Frostbite GP - Goldbar WA (SJMC)
3 Stake Lake Ice Racing - "Rain Date" - Stake Lake, Kamloops, BC (GKMA)

1 Bent Spoke Hare Scrambles (ORS(C) - Herrling Isl. Hope, BC (FVDRA)
2 Spring Dirt Bike Family Poker Run - Herrling Isl. Hope, BC (FVDRA)

5 ISDE Fundraiser - Herrling Isl. Hope, BC (CORC)
5-6 Desert 100 Race, Poker Run & Dual Sport - Odessa, WA (SJMC)
13 Big Kahuna III Hare Scrambles (ORS(I) - Kamloops, BC (GKMA)
20 Dirty Knobby Poker Run, XC Clinic & Banquet - Williams Lake, BC (CMXA)

18 Squealin' Pig Hare Scrambles (ORS(I) - Penticton, BC (PORC)
19 Ogopogo Cross Country (ORS(I) - Kelowna, BC (SODC)

15 59th Annual Piston Run Cross Country (ORS(C) - Chilliwack, BC (GVMC)
29 6th Annual Dead Zone Dualsport - Spence's Bridge, BC (DSBC)
29 Monkeywrench Cross Country (ORS(c)- Onion Lake, Lytton, BC (TGMC)

19-20 54th Annual Routledge Road Run & Dual Sport - GVMC Surrey Road/Dual
20 The Tree Hugger Hare Scrambles (ORS(I) - Castelgar, BC (WKDAS)

3 Toasted Hare Scrambles (ORS) - Hannegan Speedway, Bellingham, WA (MBMC)
17 Sea To Snow Road Run & Dual Sport - Bellingham, WA (MBMC)
23-24 Caribou 24HR Race - Quesnel, BC (QCCMA)
30 Night Rooster Hare Scrambles (ORS(I) - Vernon, BC (PORC)
31 Big Rooster Cross Country (ORS(I) - Vernon, BC (PORC)

6 The Lost Bear Dual Sport Ride - TBA, BC (TGMC)
9 Dirty Dog Hare Scrambles - Hannegan Speedway, Bellingham, WA (MBMC)
15-16 24hr Marathon - Nicklemine, Hope, BC (FVDRA)
21 Three World's Cross Country (ORS(I) - Kamloops, BC (GKMA)
28 Cat Scratch Hare Scrambles (ORS(C) - Squamish, BC (SDBA)

4 Outback Bushwack Hare Scrambles (ORS(I) - Quesnel, BC (QCCMA)
5 Overlander Cross Country (ORS(I) - Williams Lake, BC (CMXA)
26 77th Annual Cowbell ISDE (ORS) - Walker Valley, WA (MBMC)

This is just a start of the 2008 PNWMA calendar. Dates are being changed but they will be ready by the end of December. I just put this up here so you all can plan/scheme/dream for 2008.

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