2013 KX250F cutting out.

May 4, 2017
Hi all, been having an issue with our bike for 4 months now. It will fire up and tick over for 30 seconds then cut out. Trying to ride it and it does the same. Recently we have replaced the full wiring loom, the coil and the cdi. The stator has been away for a new pick up then it was sent away again for a full rewind. The injectors have been tested and are fine and the fuel pump has had a pressure test and again its bang on spec. Also had a compression test done and the condenser and voltage regulator has been tested, all in spec. The bike has been to the local Kawasaki dealer 3 time on the diagnostic and the only fault found was the air pressure sensor. That was replaced and over the weeks we have checked out all the other sensors an all seems fine.
Dont know what else to do or what else to check, valve clearance is bang on as is timing. Please help!