2015 Jctra Hangover Scrambles, January 1st @ Washougal Mxp

Mike Ames

Dec 21, 2014
Once again the 2015 JCTRA Hangover Scrambles is being held January 1st at Washougal MXP.

You may notice that we've altered the schedule in a couple of ways this year. We moved the time slot for the big amateur race to a later slot in the day to allow more time to get everyone registered. We also combined all the quads into one race which added freed up more time in the day and allowed us to move the entire race ahead one hour which again will allow more time to get everyone through registration.

ETRA will be handling the RFID scoring of the event along with the registration process. We will not have pre-registration this year as it conflicts with their scoring system. ETRA is requiring that everyone be registered at least 30 minutes before their race and they need all racers to BRING YOUR HELMETS TO SIGNUP!

The EnduroX section will return for 2015. Similar to last year the Expert classes will run the EnduroX while the Amateur classes will have the option of either hitting the obstacles or taking the long way around. The EnduroX is out in middle of the big field with road access, so if you're not racing come out and watch!

As in the past we will be setting up the course the weekend before the event, December 27-28 beginning at about 9:00 AM both days. We always need as much help as we can get for setup and take-down of the event. Bring your ATV, bike, or even your car or truck and head up and give us a hand. Families are welcome.

If you are interested in flagging for this years event please contact Bill Hutchens at bchutchens@yahoo.com

We will only have a very limited number of 2015 Hangover Scrambles tees and hoodies for sale at the event. To ensure that you get the size and style you desire we strongly recommend pre-ordering your merchandise at: 2015 Hangover Scrambles Merchandise

We're looking forward to another great event!

Here is a link to the flier for the event. You can also find more information on our Hangover Scrambles Facebook page.

2015 Hangover Scrambles Flier

Hangover Scrambles Facebook Page
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