Sep 8, 2022
Hello everyone, this is my first time ever posting on a blog, but I really need some help.

I have a 2015 RMZ 250, I bought it in good condition, but it did not start, after I fixed everything in the engine, I put everything back together, tried to start it (kick starter), but nothing, no spark. Next used the Suzuki FI Light Diagnosis (it displays error codes from the ECU), but I didn't get any error codes, so I started testing everything in the electrical system. My stator resistance is in specs, the CKP (pickup coil) output voltage (using a Peak Voltage Adapter) and resistance is ok, as well as the Crankshaft Rotation Signal Sensor.

The ignition coil/plug cap is mostly in specs (I don't think this is the issue), the regulator rectifier is all good, the kill switch is good and all the sensor are working perfectly. I tested for the continuity of every single wire and sensor. I tested the ground for all the wires and sensors, everything is perfect. I am not sure though about a few things, when I test the blue wire (CKP Sensor Negative Wire) of the stator directly on the ECU connector, it shows that it is grounded, I don't think it is supposed to. Same with the ignition coil, both wires coming out of it are grounded, so I don't know if its normal.

Anyways here is the situation, after having tested all that I don't have any spark, I am supposed to get approximatively 175 V at the connector of the ignition coil, but I only get about 0.2 V, I also tested it directly on the ECU connector, so I know it is not a broken wire between the ECU and the ignition coil connector. I really don't know why I am not getting any voltage at the ignition coil. One thing I know is that my magneto had exploded in the engine, maybe the stator is damaged, but when I test it, it seems just fine.

I don't know what to do, or what to replace, thanks a lot for your help, hope I get this can help peoples in the future too.


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You have done a very nice job documenting your issue and what you have done. Sounds like you know your way around an engine so I'll assume you do. Do you have a schematic for the bike? I pasted a simple general schematic below. You can see that the wires going to and from the coil (red) are supposed to be connected so them both reading ground is OK. If everything tests out OK as you say, it is more then likely a broken wire someplace. They can be a nightmare to track down but I recheck all the wires again. I am not very familiar with that bike so I can't answer specifics but all bikes have the same basic design.


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