2016 YZ250FX or 2014 KTM 250 SXF????

May 12, 2020
hello, Im after some input on what to do here!!.
Currently riding a 2014 YZ450F which I bought as my first dirt bike in about 15 years to get back into off road (been riding sportsbikes last 10 years)
Have found the 450 a little heavy, has loads more power than Im using, and not ideal for my style of riding which combines the odd play on moto-x tracks, but more oriented towards light enduro type stuff, trail rides etc - Im not racing, just playing around with friends.

I have narrowed myself down to the following: (Keep in mind im not in USA to prices will look funny)
2016 YZ250FX has bash plate and fan. has done 271 hours. was rebuilt at 150 hours. excellent service history. just had valves checked, just had new exhaust cam fitted. they said they will provide comprehensive service history. has been mostly trail ridden. can get this for $5000

2014 KTM 250 SXF has done 170 hours total. rebuild 40 hours ago. used for a bit of everything as well. Can get this for $3900

Both seem is good condition visually. my concerns are a couple things:
1. on paper the FX looks to be as heavy as my 450, - anyone done a side by side to say if it carries the weight any better? - the sxf is about 20-25 pounds lighter by comparison
2. I havent owned dirtbikes in a long time, so dont know whether to worry or not about the hours on the FX?

would be appreciative of some input / guidance around what would be ideal. while I dont race, Im quite a confident rider, and stuff like TTR klx etc just dosnt have the grunt, hence why im looking at enduro / mx style stuff.
the thing that made me realise how unsuited the 450 was for me, was last time I went out, I rode my mates 2008 Husky TC250, and the difference in how I could throw it around was a revelation!