2023 TM Two-Stroke Motocross Bikes First Look


Serena McKnight

by: Serena McKnight


We’re following up the TM Youth Motocross Bikes First Look with a glance at the updates and pricing of the upper-displacement two-stroke motocross models from TM. Like the minis, the full-size models also have new graphics and revised engine mapping, but there are a couple more updates to note on the 2023 MX 125, MX 144, MX 250, and MX 300.Related: 2023 TM Youth Motocross Bikes First Look2023 TM Racing MX 125 2TWhen kids move up from TM’s youth bikes, the next model they’ll be greeted with is the MX 125 two-stroke. (TM Racing/)The MX 125 2T is significant to TM because it launched the br ...

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