2024 Husqvarna FE 501w Review


Allan Brown

by: Allan Brown


Husqvarna has a pair of 50-state off-highway-compliant (California green-sticker-eligible) models in its lineup with the FE 350w and FE 501w. They’re essentially off-road-only versions of their dual sport counterparts, the FE 350s and FE 501s, but without turn signals, mirrors, a horn, and dual sport tires. Also, the FE 501w differs from the FE 450 closed-course enduro in that it has a 61cc larger displacement and items that restrict engine performance to meet stringent EPA standards.Getting to know the all-new 2024 Husqvarna FE 501w. (Jeff Allen/)We’ve been riding both of Husqvarna’s 35 ...

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