Sep 14, 2007
1) your physical size (both height and weight are important)

I'm about 5'5" and 180ish pounds. (I was a fat teenager and still working on getting rid of it. x_X)

2) How physical / aggressive are you ?

Not very aggressive, much more laid back, not competetive at all.

3) what do you plan to ride- MX/SX tracks, woods, fields with friends or ?????

Fields, woods - I live in a rural area but there are a couple places nearby with beginner tracks that I might tackle once I get a little better.

4) Do you have any riding experience?

Been on any kind of motorcycle all of three times in my life.. So no.. lol. (One of them was when my friend put me on his Honda 450, or something like that, it was a huge bike, and videotaped me crashing it in less than ten seconds, I was not amused and neither was his girlfriend..)

5) Do you think you will race ?
Probably not. At least not anytime in the near future, anyway - I wanna get in better physical shape before I even consider it.

6) Are you mechanically inclined and will you be doing your own bike work?
I want to learn how - I fix computers but I don't know engines much. My dad's kind of mechanically inclined and might help me out a bit, but he knows larger engines, mostly - he was a mechanic in the air force, but raced motorcycles casually back in the 70s. (I never knew that until recently.)

7) Do YOU have a preferance to a brand/ motor choice (2 or 4 stroke)?
I'm not too crazy about the noise 2-strokes make, but I don't know many of the practical differences - which is easier to maintain, etc. I don't ever see myself being that "serious" in this sport so really I want something easy to ride and easy to keep up. Really no brand preferences.

8) Do you have a dealer close by your home that you might use and what brand(s) does he carry?
I know of a Kawasaki-specific shop, and I'm pretty sure there's a Honda dealership in town. I'd be willing to bet the shop I haven't been to sells the other major brands, though.

9) How much ($) do you plan to spend on a bike?

Less than $1500 if possible - I'll probably try to buy a used bike. This is kind of negotiable.

10) Do you live in California?

Wrong coast - Delaware.. I hate it here. x_x

11) Your age?

Nearly 22.

12) anything else that you think would help form an opinion
I'm a girl, if that helps, lol. (I did read the guide to bikes in the women's forum..)
Jan 3, 2007
I think a Kawasaki KDX220 would be perfect. Also, a Honda XR250 would also be good. They both have a tame powerband that is easy to controll and if the bikes are too tall there are alot of ways to lower the total height for better controol of the bike.


Dec 29, 2002
2 strokes for life said:
I think a Kawasaki KDX220 would be perfect.
Agree. KDX200, too. I've had that and an XR250 and liked the KDX so much better. Great bikes and reliable versions are well within your budget. I'm 5' 6" and just lowered my seat by 1" and it was fine. Made it it a little "chopperish" when sitting, but you should be standing anyway. :nod:


May 10, 2007
I suggest going to look at a lot of different bikes before buying anything. Sit on them and make sure they feel comfortable. You may find the kdx's to be too tall for you. A shorter bike such as an xr200 ttr230 or the like may fit you better. I would get something you feel comfortable on, rather than something you think will be better down the road. You can always sell it and upgrade when you feel ready. Good luck, and let us know how you make out!


Sep 14, 2007
Thanks for the suggestions, and yeah, I definitely want something that's comfortable now as opposed to good later on - I can always replace equipment to keep pace with my abilities, but I'd rather not push my learning curve too hard in the beginning. :)

I always had a problem finding comfortable seat heights when I was into bicycling, they took a lot of adjustment (handlebars too), so I figure I'll have to do the same sort of process to a dirtbike as well.


Feb 21, 2005
im 5'6" roughly 150 lbs and i rode an 82 KDX 175.. i do not suggest one of these... peeling these things off the dirt is NOT fun... trust me.. but if u can keep it in the upright position they are nice bikes. but heavy like 240lbs. but i will agree with the others and say a KDX200 or 220 or an older XR250.. good luck with the decision!! :) buy whatever u feel comfortable on..


Sep 14, 2007
Lifting stuff isn't a problem for me - I'm an EMT and I haul fat people all day, and my service is too cheap to spring for hydraulic stretchers. ;) (My partner being a lazy jerk doesn't help.)

I actually got to sit on a KDX200 this weekend at MXON - somebody camped near me had one and I asked if I could try it out, and they let me. I liked it well enough, and the weight wasn't bad at all. Obviously couldn't do any riding (the security was being kind of rude about enforcing the rules about bikes in the camping areas and I didn't want to get kicked out) but at least now I have an idea of the seat heights and whatnot.
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