Sep 9, 2001
I have a 1997 KDX 200, I’m running a Boyesen Reeds and a FMF Burly Pipe and silencer. The end of this season I plan on doing a rebuild I’m undecided if I should punch it out to a 220 or 250, would it make that much of a difference? I like the sound of the Project Bike but I was wondering if I went to a 250 what other adjustments should I do or would it even be worth it:cool:

70 marlin

Mi. Trail Riders
Aug 15, 2000
eric gorr has what you need!

spudric's cylinder was sent out to eric! and I was in a big hurry!!!!!!! he told me that he had a 240 kit on the self for the bike ???? ready to ship out! I told him sounds great if spudric's cylinder needed replating© well eric said it was cherry so last time I checked he still has it©
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