4 stroke fluid replacement, what do you use??


May 17, 2000
i have a 2001 wrf 250,, i live in florida so antifreeze is unheard of!!, my question is, if any of the vet four strokers have run the redline water wetter with any success, cooler is better (so im told!) and antifreeze is not exactly the best coolant... i would like to run a combo of distilled water/ redline water wetter... this has worked well in my 2 strokes, just curious if anyone is running it in their 4 bangers, as they tend to run rather hot to begin with...thanks cw


Big Pig
Nov 20, 2000
lost in the deserts of NM
Antifreeze (glycol) ,at least in automobiles, is also known as "anti-boil".
It's physical properties raise the boiling point of the coolant as well as reducing the freezing point.
So why would you think it's not good for coolant?
(try running straight water in your car/truck sometime and see how long till it boils over)
Although, i ride air cooled machines so i dont have to worry about such things...:D
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