6 volt battery 12 volt horn, help!


Apr 5, 2008
I'm in the process of getting my dirtbike inspected. I have everything I need to make it legal in my state except the horn. It has a horn but it's bad. The bike has a 6 volt battery/power supply and I'm having trouble finding a 6v horn. Anybody know what would happen if I hooked a 12v horn in place of the old 6 volt one?
All I'm worried about is passing inspection. Anybody know the best way for me to get a working horn on it asap? The inspector said it has to be wired to the battery. (not 9v battery) :bang:


Mar 24, 2006
6 volt system+ 12 volt horn; it will be very weak if it works at all. go get a 6v horn off an OLD VW bug or aircooled. many older (60s back) bikes had 6v systems as well, also check mopeds. I dont know about your state but here in va a simple squeezy type bicycle horn passes state inspection. :bang:

there are a bunch of 6v horns on Egay...
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