Dec 6, 2002
I own a F650 GS Dakar but the suspension sucks.
I test drive a Adventure and the vibration sucks.
I use the bike as a car in the week and ride 80% of the time on normal roads. The beemer is perfect for that.
I go on a offroad travel trip for 14 days once a year.
That is when the Adventure is superior to the beemer.
Will a Adventure swop for the beemer be a bad move?
Are there any Adventure riders out there that can give me some advice on vibration, reliability & engine life on the Adventure.


Nov 5, 2002
GreenPeace, can't help you myself, but you might want to post this question on a KTM board instead. is pretty busy and has some Adventure riders who can probably comment sensibly. Well, no promises on the sensible, this is the internet, but it is a friendly board.

Good luck!


Dec 6, 2006
You've probably given up on a reply by now and I really can't answer the questions for you. However, what I can do is describe my experiences.

I have wanted the 640 ADV for just about as long as they have been around, well since 99 anyway. I held off because I needed something I could ride to work when I wanted, as well as go out to the bush. About 2001 I finally bought something dirt oriented and picked up a Yamaha TT600 with Marzocchi front and Ohlins rear suspension, pretty good, but with no electirc leg it proved to be a pain . Then I went back to road bikes again.

Anyway to cut this long story to the chase, I finally bought my 640 just before Christmas. First time I rode out the vibes made me question if I'd done the right thing, but as the miles built towards the 300 mark things started to improve. The most striking thing was the suspension and off road handling, it was so far ahead of the TT600. At my state of fitness and off-road competency it just made me look and feel good!

So now I've passed the 1000 kilometre mark and the first service point. The vibes I hardly notice, but the ride quality continues to amaze me. Maybe the vibes are now part of the character of the machine. So its your choice............
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