6th Annual DRN Fox Valley Offroad Ride - June 21-23 '07!!


The 6th Annual DRN Fox Valley Offroad ride at Wardy's park is scheduled for Thursday, June 21st, through Saturday, June 23rd! :aj: is located in Wedron, IL, just north of I-80, about 1 hour south-west of Chicago. Miles of trails, stadium style MX track, kids only track, plus camping, fireside stories, and having a good time! Hotels also located in Ottawa, IL (10 minutes away). I think the park is closed on Thursdays, so we'll have the place to ourselves on that day! Wardy also has a Megacross race Saturday night the 23rd ( Megacross is about 25 minutes from the park for anyone who wants to race, or watch some of the best racing under the lights in the Midwest before they head home!

Here's the roster so far - who else is in?? :ride:

-Nik & Red
-Buko & The The Mayor (Stacy & Swamp Rat)
-SeniorKX & Eric
-Captain Obvious(?)
-Wolfgang & Hunter, (ja?)
-WaltC & youngins(?)
-Chopper Freakin' Dave(?)
-AJ Waggoner(?)
-Mr & Mrs MxSparx
-Offloader (?)
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Mr. Meltsomeglass
Jul 25, 1999
No youngin this year Lou, he's being edjumacated.
Just me and the Mrs.


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Mar 29, 2001
Hmmm break ..ride at Wardys.... I am
starting to see a pattern here :bang:

Cant wait ... see yall soon :)


Formally known as RV6Junkie
Damn Yankees
Jan 8, 2000
biglou said:
Wolfy-Call the good captain and have him check in.
The call was made.

Connor is playing select soccer this summer. The first tournament is on the above noted weekend. Soccer WILL interfere with riding until August. :(

That doesn't mean that I might not fly out to drink a beer or three on Thursday night.

I'll keep you informed.


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Nov 17, 2000
Put it on the calender, start of Hurricane season, :yell: which has screwed up lots of plans in the past.
Barbs even got a four :bang: (wheeler) now so she can have some fun to!


Four weeks to go...

I will arrive around midnite Friday nite this year (new job), ride Saturday at FVOR and race at Megacross Saturday night.


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Aug 25, 2000
I put it on the schedule. Not 100% sure I can make it but I will try. It's been several years since I made it out to Wardy's.


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Sep 3, 2001
I'm in. Same bikes as last year, the good old '03 CR250 and the "mini", RM85L.

It sounds like Jake and Steve are coming too (these guys have both been to Dirtweek several years). Jake traded his 100,000 lap CRF450 for a new CRF450. It's hard to say which bike Steve will bring...he has a few.

Those of you that haven't posted when you are arriving, could you post when you will be arriving as soon as you know? It's looking like Thursday and maybe even Wednesday evening for us, departing Saturday or Sunday.

Also, my wife may come along. She hasn't really met any of you guys (and gals), and every time I go to one of these DRN events I come home talking about how great all the folks are. The only thing is, she isn't big on camping without access to a shower. Does the office have showers? We would be happy to chip in a bit extra $ for the use of showers.

Oh yea...and Lou, I look forward to hearing about the new job! Are you sure you won't be feeling a bit "ill" on that Friday ? :laugh:
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Mr. Meltsomeglass
Jul 25, 1999
We're pulling in Wed. night riding FVOR Thur., Fri., Sat.,, racing MegaX Sat. night leaving sometime on Sunday.
Scott, your wife is more than welcome to use our indoor plumbing at the Super 8 :cool: .