80 kdx175 weak spark and hard to start???


just bought a 80 kdx175 and it starts hard when you let it sit for a while,I changed all the jets back to stock(stock motor)and then I decided to check the spark and its very weak,almost none at all,would this be my problem why its hard to start and why I have no bottom end and why it bogs when I dump the clutch..thanks,any help would be appreciated.


is there a way I can do it myself or does a dealer or someone have to do it?if I can do it myself how can it be done?

dirt bike dave

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I've never rewound one myself, but it is not rocket science. I think with the right wire and a lot of patience, it could be done. You have to pull the flywheel off to get to the stator.

A long time ago I google'd for instructions and found a few hits where guys had rewound their stator by themselves. I remember one guy who did the job had an XR600.

There are places you can send it to, such as www.rickystator.com


clean the stater assembly - if there is any rust on the pickups wire wheel it off-
clean all the wire connections-
get a new plug-check it again
dennis kirk has moose staters cheep- i think the kdx200 up to 88 will work-
but call ricky stater and ask first-