82 kdx 175

May 31, 2018
Hey there just bought a 82 kdx 175 decent shape and seems to run ok...but definitly needs a lil love been rode hard and put away wet a lot lately... Im brand new to dirtbikes especially two stokes but i am fairly mechanicly saavy as far as doing general maintenance and basic diy repairs. Ive ridden harleys for 10+years and work on my own vehicles (which are also old and carburated lol)when things break down and Im only working with a basic home garage and tools so Im just wondering if anyone has any info on this specific bike and some ideas for general things to check and what i should be doing as far as routine maintenance. .. and maybe any specific tools i should get for the old two stroke. Also i know i have to do fork seals and the new ones came with the bike so is this a big job in anyones opinion? Or is it something i can probably tackle myself?
Jul 27, 1999
Fork seals on the at era of bike, and the maintenance in general is really simple and straight forward with little or no need for specialty tools. Best place to start is with the factory Kawasaki service manual. It has great pictures and descriptions of the procedures and parts call outs. Plus if special tools are required they will call them out as well. Over the years here at DRN we've hosted the largest most dedicated group of KDX riders on the planet. Check out the Canadian Dave KDX forum and you'll find a ton of useful threads and information on the KDX.
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