Gil Jochem

Mar 22, 2001
I've been out of bikes about 20 yrs. but I just bought my kids TTR125 and
PW 80. Well, this has got me to wanting to get something again. I wish I
still had my pursangs or pentons I had in the 70's but they long gone.

I've seen 82 WR430 and 84 WR250 1n the want ads and I was wondering
if anybody has any info on these. Also are parts hard to come by for
older models.

As for as working on them that will not be a problem, I have about 13 yrs.
experience in bike shop. (68-81)

Thank You Very Much


Damn Yankees
Nov 21, 2000
I have a 82 XC430. I also had a 84 AE500 (Same chassis as a 84 wr). Never had a 250. There is a chassis change between the 82 and 84. The 84 chassis has double leading shoe front brakes, a much better rear suspension with those blue ITC Ohlins. (I have a pair of those blue shocks off a 1983 CR500).

The 430 motor has nice power. Smooth power delivery from top to bottom. It does vibrate like a run away chain saw, but thats typical of those old air cooled two strokes. They did have a spotty reliability record back then. Some lasted forever, and some had main seals go bad. My guess is like mine, if its running and doesn't show that main seal problem now, it never will. Had plenty of time to show any weakness. Mine starts easy, runs cool, and the clutch and tranny seem solid. They hold almost 1 3/4 quarts of tranny oil. Bet thats one reason those transmissions are so reliable.

I have had NO problem getting parts for my 430. New parts are still being built by Cagiva and sold through the current Husqvarna dealers. Amazing. I replaced all the rubber parts from the aircleaner to the reed cage with new stuff. I also put in a new clutch, not because it needed one; but I happened to have one laying around.

My bet is the 250 would vibrate a lot less and be a nice trail motor. Bet its easier to kick over as well.

The chassis difference is significant. The 84 is a lot heavier but it turns MUCH better. The rear is also a much better working arraingment than the 82. Night and day difference. For casual riding I would preffer the 84. I switched to the 82 because they are much lighter. Takes a more aggressive rider to get them to turn well. The old lots of rake, short swing arm type handling. What were they thinking?! The 82's front pushes pretty hard and the rear is brutal vs my old 84. Riding it hard it works OK. Under throttle it will turn. Lots of thhrottle, up over the bars, forks slide up in the triple clamps as far as fork travel will allow, as stiff a spring as I can find for the rear, made my 1982 an acceptable Hare Scrambles/ Senior MX machine.

If that 84 was in nice shape I think that would be my choice unless Post Vintage racing is in your future. Thats also not knowing ANYTHING about the husky 250 power plants. Had no experience with them.:silly:

Gil Jochem

Mar 22, 2001
Thanks for the info Weimedog.

The 84 is already sold. Went and looked at the 82 WR430. The bike
was in pretty good shape.It needs new clutch cable and rear wheel
bearings where a little loose. Tank has two small dings and the rear
fender is cracked on one side with missing tail lite lense. The motor is very strong but smooth. He says it has new piston and is bored one
over with one bore left. It seemed to shift pretty smoothly. Price
is $950. Was wondering if any body has any thoughts on it.
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