Sep 9, 2006
Ok, the rear shock on my 1983 KX250 is.. whell doesnt work well.. im not sure if its blown out because it holds air (it doesn't use nitrogen says my clymer manual) But it is very bouncy.. and when i sit on it it goes pretty low...

And the air thing.. It holds air but when i checked it it sayed it had 30psi.. now with nitrogen on the newer models hold 15psi of nitrogen.. Is this way to high? or is it low for air?

Also when im riding it squeeks alot.. im not quite sure if its the shock itself or something else like a bushing or something...

Anyway im guessing my rear schock needs rebuilt with new seals etc.. BUT for it being a 1983 i cant find any shock rebuild kits or shock seals for my 1983 KX250...

And if i do ind one is it something i could do myself or should i just put it into the shop and have the rear shock done for my weight and stuff? IF they can get the rite parts..

Now im a poor 16 year old.. that why i need to know if i can do this myself.. because i can deal with stiff or soft.. but i dont want to pay some un-godley amount to get the shop to do it rite.. And i cant pay 1,100 for a new rear shock.. my bike ins't even woth that much :) ..

thanks for the help.. i tried to be as specific as i could..
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