Sep 2, 2001
I really do not understand the rear end on these bikes, so I have a dumb question. My rear end sags a lot. I had the shock rebuilt (it was leaking) but even after the rebuild (by a honda dealer) it continued to leak and the bike still sagged a lot. Also when I go off a jump, the bike wants to donkey on me every time. Do I need a new spring or is it a combination problem? BTW, I weigh 210lbs.


Aug 9, 2001
1) did you check your sag? (90-95mm)
2) you would benefeit from a re-spring
3) you need a new seal head MX-TECH makes one with a quad seal (lasts way longer) and a tighter fit never heard of one failing yet

if your shock has been leaking for a while it will be in an unpressurized state which depending on how much oil was lost,itwill have no damping in transition
(a comp to a reb and vice versa)
hence coming off the jump and getting bucked
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