'88 XR200R clutch trouble. NEED HELP!


Mar 29, 2001
Here's the deal. Before I went riding the other day, I changed the oil and cleaned the air filter, and I noticed the oil had a grey-ish tint to it. Not milky like it had water in it, but more of a charcoal colour. That should have told me something, but I put a quart of SAE-30 oil in and took off. On the trip to my buddy's house (on the pavement), I noticed sixth gear was slow, but the engine was revving a little high. The engine's rpm did not match the speed I was traveling. Yet I met up with my bud, and continued on. We proceeded to hit the trails, and the bike pulled fine. Towards the end of the ride, the bike would lug around fine, but as soon as the revs built, the clutch would slip. Went home ASAP.
Sure enough, I had fried the clutch. All the fiber clutch plates looked OK, except the one nearest the engine. The metal clutch discs had no scratches or grooves, but were slightly discolored . The teeth were brownish, and the disc surfaces were shiny silver. The basket fingers had indentations as well.
So, I bought new fiber plates ( the guy at the Honda shop - a service man - said the metal plates looked OK to him) and put them on.
Bike ran like a scalded ape this weekend (the first ride after the new plates). Coming back home on the pavement, the clutch started slipping again. High revs=no power. There was free play in the clutch cable. So what do you guys and gals think? New springs? New metal discs? New clutch basket? All the above?
I want to get off the hook as cheap as possible.


Jun 3, 1999
I would try a set of good springs. They aren't very expensive and if you have replaced the fiber plates and the steels are good, your clutch should work. If there are notches on your clutch basket, file them out. CRX
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