Sep 14, 2007
Hi i just recenly brought a 89 kdx200 and i am having a few problem's with it.The bike keep's cutting out about 5 to 10 seconds after i turn the choke off i im wondering what could be causing this to happen.The guy i brought it off said it had a leaking crank seal but it does'nt seem to be making the bike run lean or rev up by itself and i've ridden it several times and it has'nt seased so i dont think it is leaking.And the fork's are bottoming out if i brake to hard are all kdx's like this? because i have the fork's set on full hardness.


Feb 9, 2007
Can you adjust the idle screw to keep it from quitting when you turn off the choke? It is possible that it is just turned in (I think) so far that it won't idle. Barring that, the air screw could be so lean that it won't idle. Check those (free and easy) first.

My forks do not bottom on braking, so I'll say that is not normal. My bike is 17 years newer than yours, though, so I bet my seals, fork oil, and springs are in better shape. You may need to disassemble the forks and then put them back together with new springs, seals, and fork oil. Having broken into a set of forks before, I will say that the $150 to $200 you will spend having a knowledgeable shop do it is money well spent. I think forks are a pain in the rear.
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