94 kx 125 fork into 92 kdx 250


Aug 30, 2003
Will a 94 kx 125 fork fit the kdx 250 triple clamps? I've been searching but I can't find the diameter of the kx fork, It uses the same seal as the kdx, but is the upper part of the fork the same diameter on both? or just the inner tubes?
Is this a worth while switch? I'l probably need a new set of springs, but so does the kdx. I might have to revalve it, but that would help the kdx fork as well.
The 94 fork will give me compression and rebound damping, which would help alot.
Thanks alot for the help


May 3, 2002
Search RaceTech or WhiteBrothers for suspension info.

Both forks are 43mm. 91-95 use the 43mm units.

You will need the front hub also from the KX and axle. The 91-93 bikes use the same brake caliper as the KDX250. The 94+ do not, thus you also need the 94-98 Brake caliper, bracket and rotor.

Get the lower Triple clamp from the KX. It uses dual pinch bolts vs the single KX unit. You will have to press in the KDX steering stem into the KX lower.

The upper clamp is useless to you. The KX uses a larger top bearing than the KDX. So reuse your stock top clamp.

So now with the stock bearings, stock stem in the KX lower clamp and the stock upper, you can install those parts. Now install the forks (assuming that you did install new seals and rebuild them).

Now you will have to have the KX hub and KX axle. If you only get the hub, start lacing the wheel there. If you get the entire wheel, things are simple. Then bolt the brakes on, bleed the system and then start tuning the suspension.

You can get springs out of the KX 500 and KX250s to fit these forks that are stiffer. They are cheaper OEM than aftermarket if you have a dealer connection there. They are soft factory, so do some research on the Racetech site for spring rate info.

That should be it! The 91-93 forks are and easier swap cause the brake is the same as the KX. The KX500 kept this brake setup until 96? I believe.

I have the 92 Forks on my KDX250 with stiffer springs. You do get a larger base assembly that can flow more oil. you also get rebound adjustment with the KX forks! They make a huge difference on the MX track and when going fast!
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