Jan 27, 2013
Ive been troublshooting an assumed elec problem with i was testing bike after new coil was installed my idle kept hanging not returning to low idle like there was an air leak. So i pulled bike in shop ran it while i sprayed it with wd, didnt find anything so i did a quick LD test to find that My pressure is going into tranny. i tested it with everything plugged up. pumped up to 5-6 psi and it drains in about 30sec. As its draining i can pull tranny oil cap and i can hear pressure pushing by all the while im spinning cap off...then once its off it will not hold pressure at all. So i think crank seal right?. Mind you, i just did complete top n bottom rebuild...seals, bearings, crank rebuilt, replate etc. I pull clutch cover inner and outter to expose seal...figure i can pump pressure into it and see the leak by spraying soapy solution on it. No...cannot see any evidence that the seal is leaking. So now im lost...where else can the pressure be getting into trans? Can THAT much air be getting past pv assembly? I have to be missing something? Im so frustrated with this thing...ive never had this much difficulty with ANY bike ive rebuilt!! Any and all suggestion appreciated
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