Dec 10, 2000
Hi i have a few questions. First eirc when you told me it was ok to mill the head .5mm 20 thoushanths now that i have done that do i have to run race gas or just high test. Because i havent got my bike back together yet. Next my bike is doin the same thing it keeps fouling plugs. My ignition cover was leaking i believe but can the motor suck air from there and run lean. Also if water got in there could it hurt anything. Also iam hoping to rebuild my motor this winter i dont have the tools to true the crank and connectiing rod could you do that for me. Last question was 96 a good year for the 125. Thanks:cool:


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Dec 15, 2000
96 CR125

Since you milled the head, you'll probably have to run race gas or a 50-50 mix of race and pump. The mix really doesn't work well as the pump gas minimizes the advantages of race gas. But some people like it. You just don't want the engine to ping under a load. You'll have to experiment to find out. If you think your engine is sucking air causing a lean condition, it may be the seal behind the stator which is behind the flywheel under the ignition cover. If that seal is leaking, there will be a small amount of drool running down from the seal. You have to remove the flywheel and stator to see. If your ignition cover is leaking water, get a new gasket. If you need a new cover, Pro Circuit and Applied Racing make good ones. The plastic one on CRs tends to warp and crack letting moisture past.The ignition will stand some water but not too much. Dry it out occasionally with WD 40 or contact cleaner. If you have the crank rebuilt, make sure the shop has the proper jig for Honda cranks. Last, your bike is a very good one. Reliable, responds well to mods and good parts availability. I ran an Eric Gorr modified 96 cylinder on a 98 CR 125 because it worked so much better than the 98 cyl. Good Luck.
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