Damn Yankees
Apr 24, 2007
hey, i just wanted some oppinions on a 96 cr80r. if anyone has one please let me know what it is like, i have been racing bikes for 7 years and am about to purchase a cr. any thoughts, good points, bad points??

FMF Rider

Jun 15, 2007
I have a 1997 cr80r expert which besides the big wheels and longer swing arm, is the same thing as a 1996 cr80r. They are very good bikes with excellent top end power but very little down low which requires you to use the clutch a little more. The bikes come stock with Showa suspension and D.I.D rims and if you have been racing for 7 years I think you will be happy with this bike as it is more of a motocrosser than an offroad bike. My bike has not had any major problems yet besides its fork seals leaking,(getting them replaced tomorrow) so I can say it is pretty reliable. If you need any more info on this bike at all, post a reply and I will do my best to answer! :ride:


Apr 11, 2007
i have the exact bike(96 cr80r)...i love it, its a little bit weak in the bottom but once your gin ull really get an adrenaline rush....i just got my engine bored to 100cc....it rips:)


Jan 30, 2008
we had a 98 cr80 a couple years ago when i was 10, i don't know if its the same but i loved that thing, then my mom sold it cause my dad broke his leg (finally got her to get me another one. That thing was awesome

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