96 K for a 03 K


I was sitting with my wife and daughter the other day and my daughter said "hey dad don't you want a KTM 250" My reply was swift and clear. "I don't know that I ever want a KTM"

Well! Long story short - I went to look at an 01 YZ250 and a 02 WR250 at a local dealership and sitting on the floor was a bright and shinning 2003 KTM 250sx. after the test ride I shot him what I thought was a very low ball price expecting the negotiations to begin, and he thought for a few minutes and said "I'll take it".

about an hour later I drove off with a mint 2003 KTM 250sx

To all you great and loyal KDX riders, please accept my humble apologies. Think of me as I enter the darkside.

I will still be a KDXer at heart and want to thank all of you for the wealth of information I have recieved from this forum. KDXer's are the best!!!


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I've been thinking about getting a 2002 or earlier KTM 300 EXC. Any newer and I can't get the green sticker here in Kalifornia. What made you deside on that particular KTM?
I will keep my KDX, mainly for my kids to ride but also, just in case I prefer it over the KTM. Did you sell or trade in your KDX?
I'm also seriously looking into the KX500. My riding bud sold his KDX and got the 500. The little I've ridden it, I know for sure I will be shifting much less and buying more rear tires. But boy, those 70 mph wheelies down fire roads are a rush!
Thanks for all the advise you've given us, keep in touch and post us your experiances.
BTW.....what would be a very low ball price, if you don't mind the asking?
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I sold the KDX to one of my best riding buddies. He actually bid and bought on ebay and I didn't even know he was till it was finished. I wasn't really looking at KTM's at all. But the power band of the KTM 250sx is very level. Not much hit, just a steady strong pull throughout. I like that alot. I also like the standard equipment on the KTM. Excel wheels, fat bars, hydro clutch. This bike has, o-ring chain, Great tires, Renthals, skid plate, frame gaurds, and very clean.

Near new 2003 KTM 250sx I gave just over $3000
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First ride report on the 03 KTM 250sx: This is a great ride.

understand all I have ridden in my life was an 83 KDX200 and an 96 KDX200. So all the comments are in comparison to the KDX.

1. 250sx motor rocks. Low or high it pulls very strong. Very usable power throughout the power band. Smooth hit and easy to ride and get used to like the KDX.
2. I love the 5 speed trans. first & second seems to go on forever, third may be a little short, but forth scared the crap out of me. Never made it to 5th.
3. Riding position was a little odd at first but by the end of the day I didn't even notice it.
4. Handling was really nice. Feels much lighter than the KDX, and I felt in much better control out of corners and in the air. It does have WP suspension work (stiffer front and softer on the rear).
5. I love the hydro clutch feel, SO much easyier

Well I know this is the KDX forum and I'm going on about a KTM. So I'll leave now. Very pleased with the KTM, but will never forget my KDX roots.