96 XR 80 Carb cleaning and setting


Sep 13, 2007
Hello Folks,

I have a 96 XR 80 that I am trying to get running solid after sitting for a few years.

Tank was drained before storing. Been stored inside the garage the entire time.

I put gas in it the other day and it started up on the 3rd kick. However, it won't idle correctly, tends to bog when twisting the throttle quickly. Idles really fast when first starting cold. When it motor warms up, won't idle at all, just slowly dies out.

I am going to clean the carb tomorrow, but I know the air screw and idle screw settings are part of the problem.

When I put it all back together, where should I start the settings at?

Any thoughts, greatly appreciated.



Nov 24, 2001
Assuming it was running correctly when set up, you could turn the air screw setting all the way in, counting the turns. After cleaning, screw it all the way in and turn back out the number you counted. That's what I do when I don't have the specs in front of me. Works most of the time. If you're not comfortable with that, start at 1 and a half turns out and tune from there. As far as idle screw, you set that while running to suit you.


Jan 27, 2000
Java said:
Hello Folks,
When it motor warms up, won't idle at all, just slowly dies out.

Be sure to remove and clean your pilot jet. It is the small jet located next to the main jet. Remove it and make sure you can see daylight through the orfice. Also,while the jet is out, blow air pressure through the pilot jet hole. The air should come out of the air screw hole and the small hole in the carb inlet bell. If air doesn't flow through all of those holes, you have a clogged pilot air (idle) circuit.

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