'96 XR600 engine problem


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Yesterday on the way home from work I was going through the gears and missed 5th. It hit a false neutral and when I pulled the clutch back in it snapped into gear. When I went to accelerate it just bogged out like it had no gas. It would run at 1/8 to 1/4 throttle but no more or less. Could it have jumped a tooth on the cam when it thumped into gear after missing 5th? Or could the problem be in the carb? Just trying to get an idea of where to look first. The bike has been bullet proof and in all the years I've been riding I've never had anything like this happen. Thanks


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That's odd. I can tell you why it snapped into gear. When you pulled in the clutch you took the load off the engine and it then slipped in gear with smaller force on it. I thought the XR's use chain's for timing :think
I think Rich had one of these not sure.
He could probaly help you more than I could him bieng a four-stroke expert.


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Stupid me!:think Somehow the force of the air through the carb from the sudden rpm change tripped the choke. It runs much better with the choke off when it's warm (duh).


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Dan, check to make sure that the choe plate is secure... On my oldd 600 the plate broke off and was sucked into the engine... landed flat on the piston and banged my spark plug armature shut which made the bike die and kept the damage to a minimum but the 600 were prone to do this... I know it is not your problem but your post made me remember, thought I would let you know.